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Women in Leadership: Boaz Meet Ruth

$20.00 AUD


It took a Boaz and a Ruth to make Obed – one who prepared the way of the Lord.  Is the idea that men and women can lead the Church of God together a good idea or a divine imperative? The author settles on “divine imperative” using the template of Boaz and Ruth to paint a picture of a glorious, well-parented Church who is preparing the way of the Lord.


Prayer and Spiritual Warfare

$20.00 AUD


“From well-articulated and formal prayers to groanings that cannot be uttered – from cries for provision to fearless rebuking of the devourer – prayer is the answer when the impossible must be achieved.” -Lloyd Averill

The author does not set improbable benchmarks for what construes an ‘adequate’ prayer life. Rather, he uses rich language to bring voice to a lifestyle of utter reliance on God through prayer.

My Pilgrimage in Bible Prophecy

$20.00 AUD


As a young pastor, Lloyd followed the traditional Assemblies of God doctrine of end-times (Futurism) until he could no longer do so. For most of his ministry life, he held a conviction that the way to read Bible prophecy was through the Historicist lens. His passion for a Church that functioned with power and authority rather than spiritual paralysis became a splendid marriage with Historicist interpretations of Scripture. This book comes to you as a story of humour, hope and victory.


The Cross and Salvation

$20.00 AUD


“As against any humanistic self-salvation, the Biblical doctrine stands out bold and clear as something provided by God for His own creation who had nothing meritorious of their own to offer. Salvation and the work of the Cross - the very pivot point of the Christian faith - provide fallen man with something that surpasses all. I speak of hope.” -Lloyd Averill


The first article I was asked to write was for a short-lived Christian newspaper, circa mid-70s, in New Zealand. Since then, many articles have appeared in several magazines.

My hope and desire is that such articles have been and will always be short on fanciful constructs and long on ‘being real’. Here are a few re-prints, offered in the blissful hope that no magazine copyright will be violated. The others are the fruit of my musings.