I'M HERE Isn't that enough?


Quite a long time ago, I was a Grade Three teacher. Each year, 30 little people would wander into my classroom and, about 10 months later, they would wander out again. Among them were the golden few who, even at that tender age, understood they were alive. They somehow “got” that they had purpose and that they needed to sow into that purpose.

One year, a Taiwanese immigrant – a little treasure of delight and significance – was ushered through the classroom door. Without any English language skills, yet armed with a highlighter…a highlighter for grade three “studies”, people…she proceeded to listen, watch, learn, apply and achieve. I wish I could explain it more impressively than this but the simple truth is that she “got” life. She came with an innate understanding that she needed to sow into her own journey in order to actually make the journey.

Her classmates were just as delightful and just as purpose-born but she (and a few others) set about owning that purpose and sowing into it.

The power of this “owning” came home to me many years ago. The man’s name is Mark. He is a grandson of an early Pentecostal in Australia. The God¬-purpose over his life was apparent from a young age. I have known him all my life.

After the first of his two failed marriages, and in the middle of his drug and alcohol dependency, I had a conversation with him that went like this.

“Mark, I remember that you intended to go to Bible College as a young man because of the call of God on your life for ministry. Do you ever think about that?”

The noise that came through the phone line sounded like the whoosh of air escaping a balloon.

“Only every day,” he replied.

What is this “only every day” thing that takes our breath away; that stands in defiance of the miseries of past choices; that relentlessly skips around our feet, neither tripping us nor ensnaring us but rather issuing a glorious invitation to dance with Him?  It is the sense, the awareness, that we carry about our persons the capacity to live for something bigger than ourselves.

Words such as ‘destiny’, ‘anointing’, ‘call’ and ‘mission’ are sometimes employed, each with its own relevance.

I also love the ancient word – ‘mantle’ – to help us form a picture of being enveloped by God for His high purposes.

Each of us was born to carry an unsought, undeserved cloak of glory.

For the believer, no matter how young in faith, awareness comes when we own the fact that we have a God-purpose. What we do with this awareness is another matter, but yet it hovers – hoping that we will sow into it; waiting for us to grow up into it.

Sowing into it.

Many years ago, I met a man who opened his wallet and produced a carefully folded copy of a prophetic word that had been spoken over him by a famous preacher. That seemed to be the beginning and end of his story.

Looking back, I don’t think it was his fault exclusively that nothing much transpired in his life. That era did not understand mentoring nor was the focus on the average Joe in the pew. It was more on the few at the front. I don’t say this for any reason other than to paint the picture of that era.

What if someone had taken him aside and said, “Well done for owning the mantle. Now you need to sow into it.”

Sowing into one’s call will inevitably carry a price tag with it – inconvenience, finance, time, even being misunderstood. Yet there is a richness that is attached to the call when we seed it thus.

Growing into it.

I have a reasonable view of the Church of recent decades. I have been a careful observer and a willing participant in the way the Spirit of God is setting the Church up for a season of great efficacy and potency.

He is seeking those who will grow up into Him…into their call…into the business of the Kingdom.

Praise God for this era.  We have no excuse to remain stunted spiritually, emotionally, socially, intellectually.  We are lavishly furnished with elements that induce growth.

So I return to the title. Believing as I emphatically do that every one – regardless of race, gender or socio-economic status – carries a God-purpose, is that enough?

The answer is probably self-evident but let’s say it anyway. NO!  It is NOT enough!  Even in the face of variance in factors such as opportunity, health, protection, mentoring, prevailing doctrine, etc, it is possible to sow and grow.

We are not to allow the dark side of life to render pointless every good intention and every sacrificial effort to be part of this season of efficacy and potency.

If the Word of God is for all people, in all cultures and all times, then the call on our lives will find a way to transcend the darkest season.

Our call. We own in; we sow into it; we grow up into it. Being here is just the beginning.