Lloyd Averill

1913 – 2010

Lloyd was born in Melbourne in 1913. He left school at 14 years of age as was the custom of children of most families in that era. He worked hard in his father’s small goods business and excelled at sport.

His parents attended the Good News Hall but Lloyd had no spiritual awakening until after the death of his father.

Now 25, he attended a Church of Christ meeting where he was radically born again.

As the sole provider for his widowed mother, sister and brother, he put aside all thoughts of marriage, focussing on work and on the rugged modes of witnessing that typified that era – literally soapbox yelling by the Yarra River.

Not long after his conversion, he was regularly preaching in a church that was eventually attended by Edith Hope. Love and marriage followed.

Lloyd was eager to pursue the call of God on his life which was to “go north, young man”.

Towards the end of the war, travelling through the war zone to Gordonvale in the far north of Queensland came next.

A few months after arriving in Gordonvale, Lloyd and Edith heard about a fledging fellowship called Assemblies of God in Cairns and, after much consideration, joined.

Thus their lifetime commitment to the purposes of God took shape. In turn, Lloyd was:

  • State AOG evangelist, travelling the length of Queensland conducting tent crusades

  • Pioneer of several churches – Dalby, Kingaroy and Gladstone in their younger years and Tuggeranong in South Canberra after their retirement

  • Pastor

  • Avid student of scripture

  • Bible College lecturer and principal for Australia and New Zealand AOG Bible Colleges over some decades

  • Senior statesman

Lloyd’s life is well described by the word “legacy”.

This man was my father.

He was a pure hearted man of intelligence and insight who had two great loves – the Word of God and my mother. His Bible sits on my desk, the edges of each page worn to fuzziness through use.

He thought for himself and kept much of his thinking to himself. However, to my relief and all glory to God, he wrote. With my mother’s extraordinary dedication to keying all of his writings into a dinosaur of a laptop in the early 90s, these articles are available for your edification.

I have been light-handed in editing them, avoiding the temptation to modernise his language usage.

It may be worth your while to sink into his writings.

Here Are Two Articles as a taster.

Ascending - Moving Onwards - penned in 2000

On Separation and Revelation - penned in 2000