About Joy


I gave my heart to Jesus Christ as a deliberate and readily-remembered act when I was seven years of age in a caravan in Hervey Bay, Queensland. It was 1958.

Preaching in open-air meetings in pre-TV downtown Brisbane as a 12 year old, teaching Sunday School from 14 years of age and being asked to preach my first sermon at 16 years of age were the first flexings of spiritual muscles. I have simply been born in a certain time and space and place and have been consistently certain that God ordained my stepping out.

With more than 50 years of observing the Church, the Kingdom of God, the Body of Christ, I can whole-heartedly say I love it. My hand has been ‘to the plough’ for all of that time. A by-product is that I now know a few things and some of those things have made it to this website.


Below is a biographical piece, suitable for use by inviting churches, ministries or conference conveners.

However, the trouble with such ‘bios’ is they tend to be a bit too pristine, too clinical. They tend to miss out the more organic bits such as:

• I built the colour scheme for my study around an original painting of a candle and a rose given to me by a babushka in Minsk, Belarus.

• Some mornings I awaken with a song in my heart and, without fail, the song will either set the direction of the sails or be the wind that keeps them billowing for that day.

• Communion is my ‘thing’.



Joy Graetz has been a pastor with Australian Christian Churches for 20 years, although her wide-ranging work in many aspects of the wider Church has been the story of her life for half a century. In her earlier years, she was a speech therapist and a primary school teacher. Both professions have proved to be great preparation for the work in which she is now engaged.

Joy is a sought-after speaker in churches and conferences and is a mentor to pastors and leaders in a few nations. She speaks with authority and wisdom to all generations and has built relationships across many denominations in Australia and overseas. Her book, “Women In Leadership”, has brought some understanding and freedom to the Body of Christ in the area of women in ministry.

Joy is married to Ray and they have three children – Dan married to Tatjana, Jonathan married to Natala, and Elizabeth. She is also a proud Grandmother to Wesley (Dan and Tat).

(For use by inviting churches and organisations)